Thursday, March 10, 2005

Yet Another Thursday...

...and there'll always be more, even when we're gone, there'll always be Thursday. Feck me I'm morbid.

Ohhhhh, 1 day until I pick up my Nintendo DS tomorrow, cmon :) Taken it's bloody time. Even Austrailia have had this before the UK this time around, and they are famous for having things about a year after everyone else (except for Fosters Ice). Oh well though, it's not as if I'm paying for it though :)

Me wife last week called me a mange. What is a mange? Feck knows. Sounded funny though.

Random Link Of The Day

Bizzare news story

Ok, this is an odd one. A guy accused for killing his ex-wife's boyfriend sent a letter from his prison cell to a Murphy Smith, and when the investigators caught up with him it turns out that Murphy is a dog :D What that guy was doing sending a letter to Murphy in the first place is anyone's guess, but that's still fecking odd.

What a sickeningly cute murder witness lol

Speaking of's that time of the year again! That's right, the world famous Crufts Dog Show is in Birmingham for 4 days, strutting their stuff the way that only dogs which have been abused for a couple of years straight can. Has anyone seen the film "Best In Show"? Brilliant pish take comedy version of an event in America very similar to this. As well as taking the mick out of the whole dog ritual they got some great people in it too, like Eugene Levy who's character actually has got two left feet, and talks about when he was a kid he used to walk in circles until he was dizzy lol.

Random Link Of The Day Part 2

The Bird Party

Basically, a girl scoured the chatrooms to find the most perversed saddo blokes she could find, and tried to see what she could get sent to her, and she's listed the results. Very funny :D

I'm off now to prepare for weekend, oh yes indeedy :D Oh, and the fact that I'm typing this in work too lol.

EDIT; forgot to mention this from last night. I was speaking to one of our customers last night, trying to fix his computer for him, and we were waiting to reboot the computer. He says "Oh, I've just gotta run to the toilet, won't be a minute." I say its ok, and things go quiet for a few seconds. The I hear his voice saying to me "I'm glad I got one cordless phone here." He's speaking to me, while trying to have a piss. I'm not impressed. I say "Put the phone down outside the toilet, and please don't talk to me while you're peeing sir if it's all the same to you." Dirty bastard.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ok, Serious Posting Time Now

Right, I haven't done a serious blog entry in ages (ok, a week n half) and I should really pull me finger out of my ass and type something.

No really, I should.

Odd Link Of The Day

Weirdos In Costumes

Now there's an odd link. This is to do with video games, but not to be ignored by the casual observer. If you buy a video game of any type and enjoy playing the game, what is the first thing you do? Do you;
  • Tell your mates about it, recommending the title for them to play it.
  • Play the game online, against other players.
  • Find out about any extras or tips for more enjoyment out of the game.

Guess which option the guys on that website took :)

Well, last week was fun. Got drunk alot, went to a pool match which was covered in the smell of blow, and got threated by one of our own team after the match, because I made a complaint about the blow. There are some real tossers out there, for shame. Also one of the locals in our pub got 27 months for something, which was interesting. Can't be arsed to type about it though.

Got an odd but rather fun end of the week coming up. This Friday morning, on the way to work, I will be picking up my reserved Nintendo DS system. For £140 I can get the machine with any two games, which is just as well as my local computer games outlet owes me £138 :D I will be whistling to the tune of £1.89 for a DS and two games, oh yes, I will be whistling.

This saturday's going to be interesting for us as well.....I'm going to a car boot sale!!!! I've got so much crap to sell it's almost unreal. Except it is. Like. Got a load of videos, DVDs and fairly old PC games to go, and most probs looking at about £500 back if most of it goes (and that is a fair assumption). The only thing I don't like about this idea though, is the fact that on saturday morning I've got to wake up at 5am. My first official saturday off work, and I'm up before the milkman. Fecking hell. I finish work the night before at 8.45pm, I'm gonna be fecked. Still, can't grumble when you're skint though, ho hum.

Blimey, did you hear the business with the IRA last night, offering to shoot the killers of Robert McCartney for the McCartney sisters? That's a bit daft, considering that they've been trying to force through a peace process for so long. The sisters did rightly say no though, but imagine if they didn't? Everyone at a news conference, and they offer that to the sisters and they go "Yeah, all right then." Would be like the Roman Empire all over again. Jerry Caesar Adams points his thumbs down and the killers are thrown into a lionpit, for everyone's amusement. Barmy offer though, no wonder everyone's ridiculing it.

What else has been going on? Michael Jacko's case is still going strong; it now turns out that the kid who apparently witnessed Jacko abusing a child was found to have lied in a previous case under similar circumstances. That kids gonna get crucified in the court, and quite literally if half the Americans can get they're hands around his throat. Oh dear.

Random Picture Of The Day

Classic, front page post on B3ta

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