Thursday, March 24, 2005

Pished as hell

There's no chance he's not an alchy...

I'm in work on Good Friday, and we have 140 plus customers waiting to speak to us and give us abuse, after alot of the staff were given time off for today too. I'm not happy.

Now I'm in work on Easter Monday, and there's still calls in the queue, but no-where near as much. Had a sambooka Sunday last night thanks to the missus buying me loads. I also lost the raffle in there too. Again. Yey.

Random Link Of The Bank Holiday

This Week's B3TA Competition - Absolute classic compo this week; turn a classic childrens program into degraded filth. Ya can't do better than that for class :D My only quibble is that there's not enough Chuckle Brothers going on in there for my liking lol, so I made one;

The Chuckle Brothers ratings were never the same after their American Tour with the NWA.

Am still selling loads of stuff on eBay, but the Easter hols have knackered up when I can post the stuff out, which is annoying as I've got at least 5 items to post tomorrow afternoon. Should be fun.

Another Link For The Hell Of It

Avoid The Stomping - try to survive as long as possible as a bird, while an elephant randomly tries to stamp on you. Absolutely pointless fun.

The Solar Death Ray - Absolute physics genius, with an actual working weapon :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yet More Shinanigans

With the Mr Men....this is getting harder lol :)

Gérard Depardieu on the set of "Asterix And Obelix"

Blimey, been busy on eBay. I'm now selling 16 or so items, which I've added onto eBay yesterday (see my stuff on eBay here, nout like a free plug :D), plus I'll be putting a load of books on there too, which are currently in storage (mainly Discworld titles). I've got ALOT of them to go, so that should keep me busy this afternoon.

Was channel hopping on my freeview box last night, and was on a channel called "F TN". Basically the Bravo channel of the freeview box world, and it had some funny stuff on there. Watch the beginning of a program called "Sin Cities 3", where this guy went on tour around all the seedy parts of the world to see what is out there. He was in Holland, and was invited onto the "Bang Van" last night. Now this was odd, yet actually quite funny. This announcer ended up having a driving tour of the city, while someone made a porn film 2 foot away from him with a girl he picked up in the street a few minutes earlier. The announcer was intently looking out of the window and commenting on the local arcitecture etc, while this couple were fecking themselves stupid, and was actually quite funny.

Last but one day for the Sianmeister, she's off to pastures new, and I'm not calling here a cow with that comment (even if she has got a better job lol). She's sitting opposite me now, sulking into her monitor (most probs because she's still here, this place is like Terps for the brain). Oh well, only one day left you lucky git, stop moping!!!!!

Been working on a team pic for the lads in here....have pretty much finished one, and will post it soon. Nothing to get excited about really, unless you know the guys I work with, otherwise it's just a bunch of n00bs looking stupid in a big piccy lol. Otherwise, will type to you soon :)

Omg crap link time;

The Mr Men Official Homepage - I'm bored. Why have I found this fecking site? OH yeah, to convert them all to famous peeps. There's alot on there though...gonna take me some time.

The Mr Men Saga continues...

Nothing could make Indiana Jones Happy, so I did

Ello again peeps, how do? I've sold me phone on eBay for £60, but I'm selling more....putting more stuff on there as I type this up. Dammit, I'm skint this month. And because of this, I'm missing out on alot of stuff I really wanted to do. For a start, there's Sian in work with us who'se leaving do is this Saturday. I would like to go, but I can't afford a Mars Bar, let alone a working lunch with them. Secondly, there's me Best Man's birthday the following week. I can't afford nout for that either. Then there's the wife's birthday the week after. Oh feck.

And that's not including Easter and me mum's birthday either. Oh feck feck.

Cmon ebayers ffs!!! Click here and buy like feck. I'm in a selling mood at the moment, as I don't really have a choice.

So I'm going to do the same when I get home too me thinks...will stick some old PC games on there just for the sake of it.

I hate money. Money is almost like the physical embodiment of greed. I hate it. Yet I need it too, which pishes me off even more. The banks don't help either. They very happily offer you as much as possible, with not that much care in the world, and they don't care if you drop yourself in the brown stuff at all. Fecking annoying stuff.

Oh well, gotta get on with work now, so tarra liek.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Let's Av Some More

Been busy over the last few hours....trying to sell some stuff off eBay as I am royally skint, plus have been doodling on MS Paint as per normal too.


Random Link Of The Day a few today :D

Annoying Grid Game - You click once, and get a chain reaction. I've managed to get one which was in the thousands too, if you don't beleive me click here.

Finger Twister ONLINE - Awesome game of monitor Twister, great for drunk occasions lol.

Kitten Flash Movie - For best results have sound, otherwise still really funny Flash movie about kittens NSFW!

After the success of Ozzy above, I've decided to see how many others I can make using Mr Men :) Should keep me busy. Well, it's either that or work lol.

Just a few then :p

Now I've already done Mr Tickle, so I need to do one for Mr Greedy next. Will get started straight away.

Also, last night in work, I looked around the desk with idle curiosity, and one of the guys on our team called Neil was doing something quite odd. He was actually eating a Wether's Original WITH A SPOON. what the le feck?


2nd Superstar Conversion to a Mr Men

Hint; she's engaged to Peter Andre and up the duff :D

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Do I Need To Say It?

Ohhhh, what a result :D

Well well well. Just to annoy the English a bit, we've heard two great bits of rugby news this weekend. Obviously the main one has to be that Wales have won the Grand Slam in style, beating Ireland in an impressive game on Saturday. They seemed in control of the game from early on, waiting for the mistakes to be made, and taking advantage with clinical determination. Nout against Ireland mind you, but Rhys Ivans (Welsh actor etc) said that "it was a shame to have to beat Irealand, as the Welsh get on with them so well. It would have been far better to hammer the English to do it instead on the last game." Can't say that I don't agree with them, would have been far more fun. Cmon :D

The other fact is that Wales are now officially ranked higher than England :D Ohhhh, that smarts :D

Other news, got stuffed at pool last night (even though I won me game, tut tut).....we played a group of Welsh International pool players in Gorseinon and lost 6-2. Believe you and me, it was a good result to walk away with any points at all from that, as two of the games were them breaking off and clearing up 1st shot. Most of our team had 1 shot all night, and the seven game match was over in an hour (and that included the time to eat sarnies and drink too) and I was home by 9pm.

Still......Wales won :D

Random Link Of The Day

The Incredible Machine Flash Game - Cool flash game to keep you busy :)


The New Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer - Blimey. Now I don't want to stick me neck out when I say looks sweet. Really sweet. Much more sweet than the 1st and 2nd put together. YOU MUST WATCH THIS. NOW. DO IT!

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