Thursday, April 07, 2005


Got another week off....tis the wife's birthday on Saturday, so I decided to take a few days off work. I did tell work though :D

Right...what's been happening? I woke up just before the missus went to work, and I've just paused Doom 3 after playing it for 2 hours to type this up. Blimey that game is mental. Definately for the kids :D You know those TV programmes where they show kids being trouble makers, and the parents are trying to leanr how to control them? They ought to tell the psycholgist to feck off, and stick the kids on Doom 3 for an hour. That'll keep them quiet. And possibly crying for a bit too. And pissing the bed :)

My eBay stuff has been going well. I've sold pretty much all of the stuff I've stuck on there recently, and am selling more stuff. It's been very necessary, as me bank have been charging me loads for pretty much anything. Ebay's pretty much helped me stay on top of things at the moment, so I'm going to keep on selling stuff to make sure. "One man's crap is another man's treasure" as the saying goes. Reminds me of a dung beetle, that saying does.

Speaking of dung beetles;

Seamlessly linked into the conversation

Um...what else? I haven't got the car at the moment, so I'm just going to laze about spectacularly today. I imagine that I'll catch up on 24, as I've never fully watched any of the seasons (shock!). It's not as if I'm short on choice for films here though, as I've got about 30/40 films I've gotta watch at some point. Normally it's just finding the time to do so. But do you find that when you get the time to do watch a film, you'd rather just put the news on instead? Or is it just me time wasting? I dunno :p

Time for a Random Picture Of The Day

Av it!!!!!

Will speak to some of you soon, if I survive this weekend alive. I've heard there's sambucca waiting for us (sambucca, not to be confused with Chewbacca, who is of course famous for his role in "Bigfoot and the Hendersons").

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Passing the 3000 View Mark

....and I'm not slowing down for anyone. No, not even grannies in scooters, they can get right out of the way as well :)


In Swansea, there in the centre of the city is a shopping district called "The Quadrant". Now for a few months over the Christmas of 1999 I worked for Electronic Boutique in this Quadrant, and was witness to the grannies and the word "sale". Now this word is magical around the old and wrinkley, as it means so much more than a simple "reduction in price". In Swansea "sale" roughly translates to "weapons at the ready" morelike. This word is more potent than the word "Bingo", which is of course the 2nd worst trigger word for granny excitement. Blimey, they argue, haggle, fight with other shoppers over bargains, barge in the way of over people, push into queues, spray graffiti about the war and spit chewing gum at youths. Ok, I made the last two up, but I've clearly witnessed the others on many occasions there.

The inside of the Swansea Quadrant....what horrors await thee?

Blimey, this guy's got loads of Swansea photos, see here if you are really that bored.

Anyway, I have a theory about the grannies of Swansea. They are trained from birth to be the hardest bunch of psychotic old bar stewards ever conceived, and once they are smelling of vinegar enough, they are let loose on the 20th of December in the Quadrant. Then, the Welsh rugby squad trials are placed on the other side of the Quadrant. Whichever players get to the other side first get on the squad. Worked for the Six Nations team this time around :D

I'm telling you, the grannies of Swansea are not to be trifled with....just imagine the Golden Girls with tattoos and chewing tobacco and you start to get close to what's really going on in the world.
There again, there are a few grannies who stray from this pre-defined Swansea definition, and are actually quite normal. When I was in E.B. in the Quadrant, there was one classic example. There was a guy working with us from the Cardiff branch, who was a right cocky twange. He basically tried to make out that he was better than everyone because he was from Cardiff, and tried hitting all of us with racist comments etc. I really was doing well ignoring the little pube, as it was all in the background, and he'd be gone by tomorrow. But he then started involving customers in the shop with this too, which pissed me off to a certain degree. One such customer was this stereotypical granny, who was buying a game for her grandson for Christmas. As I was taking the money for the game and explaining something about it to her, this Cardiff lout butts into the conversation and makes some racist comment about people from Swansea. I'm standing there a bit stunned and very angry, and the granny is absolutely stunned as this guy is standing there smirking and gloating about it. So instead of stitching him there and then, I turned to the granny and calmly said "Oh I'm sorry about him dear, he's from Cardiff". The granny, with amazing comedy timing and precision, nods to me, looks at him with pity and says "Aw bless", takes her game and walks out. The lout couldn't say nothing to me all afternoon, because I was too busy laughing at him.

Some grannies have their uses, even if it is only for comedy purposes.

Random Links Of The Day

Bizarre Sony Loophole? - this is an odd one. It was posted on the 1st of April, but they are adamant that it's not an April Fools, so I'd say make what you want out of this. If it's true though, then woah.

Amazing Wallpapers - Quite amazing, as the wallpapers are of what's behind the monitor, creating an awesome "hollow screen" illusion. Very very clever.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Day 1 Of Dress Code Season

And we're like a group of people possesed. We've practically all come into work in office wear, and have already started bitching and bullying the people who have come in wearing jeans. I've worn jeans for 5 years coming to this place, what the feck has come over me?

Ohhhhh, had a rough alcohol session on the weekend; Saturday night is mainly a blur. Not as in the band, but as in the alcoholically induced eye-sight you get after backing a few sambucca and vodka shots in ten minutes.

I asked Subway for a Meatball Roll, and they gave me a Mr Men one

Yup, I finally did it. I've been to a Subway . Blimey, one's just opened up in Swansea, and the website has been making me dribling. So me and the missus were in town, and I suggested that we try the place (I showed her the website too, and she couldn't resist either). Thankfully, the place was open on a Sunday so that helped for starters. So we join a rather healthily long queue of people, all waiting to try this out. The first problem for a start was the fact that the menu was completely out of sight, until you actually got to the counter. So you were left queuing up looking sideways at a ceiling menu, which didn't help us at all as you didn't know what was on offer until you got served, where you looked a complete twonk holding the rest of the public up while reading the menu. Secondly, the prices were all over the shop, and quite pricey too. They list loads of individual prices, loads of meal prices, and different combos available. The MacDonalds menu is far easier in comparison, which is quite scary when you think about it really. In retrospect though, the staff had braincells and made the roll right in front of you, which was cool. So I had as an experiment, the Meatball Marinara, which was actually fecking lovely. Only problem being, you try keeping a meatball covered in tomota sauce in a roll as you take a bite; was like a spud gun. Take a bite on one end, and you launch sauce everywhere. Was like eating a rissoto in a crackerbread lol. Other than that, I had a cookie and a drink for a rather pricey £5.30. I need a raise.

Oh, and the Pope's dead :p

Random Link Of The Day

Bad Chinese Subtitles - The B3ta'ans have been at it again, finding this corking site. It's all about the lucrative chinese DVD piracy rings, and about the corners cut when translating english to chinese. Damn funny results on this :D

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