Saturday, May 21, 2005


Tis saturday morning.

I aint posted all week.

And I have a hangover. Again.

Hangovers don't work well with the flu though. Oh dear.

I'm typing this up in the house, while playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on the DS, and nowhere near finishing it either. I played it for 38 hours last year, and I only finished 80 out of 300 missions. Not bad for a GBA game. Anything to get me off Resident Evil 4. That game seriously damages your social life (hang about, you've gotta have a social life before saying that), and I'd completely recommend it. The first sequel in ages which completely changes for the better everything before it. The only other game that springs to mind that has done that is Final Fantasy 6 (not 7, as I thought 6 had just as strong a story to it). Ohh, I'm getting all soppy now.

Must find out the secrets of the enemy...

Still aint seen Star Wars yet. Most probs watch it tonight. Tsk.

Got some good responce from a post on B3ta though, which is cool. Check it out here. Tis the last but one entry on the Best page, and is entirely a true story. Damn funny that week on the boards.

This week, I have been suffering from the flu again. Not that Man-flu, which is a well documented version of when a mancan't be fecked to do anything at all, oh no. I was getting the dizzy spells, fever etc and my nose looked as crooked as Mount Rushmore. And I was in work for practically all of it too. Except for Wednesday night.

Wednesday night. I'm going through the roughest patch of the flu, where I'm aching all over, and all I can do is nod off to sleep. I'm sent home an hour early from work because of this, and managed to get about 1/2 an hour asleep, before waking up again. It's about 9.30pm, and me and the wife are in bed watching Crimewatch (it had the reconstruction of that horrific attack on Abigail Witchalls on it, great TV viewing). Out the front, the flat's black bags and rubbish had been stacked ready for collection on Thursday morning. I'm drifting asleep and then hear an odd thud outside. So I sit up, and glance out of the bedroom curtains to see two kids from the youth club a few doors down from us attempting to throw the black bags through our living room window. Great. Just what teh Doctor ordered. So I tell the wife, and she runs out the front shouting at them, and they are swearing back at her. I'm now not happy. I stick on my Welsh rugby shirt (official, not a cheapskate copy), tracksuit bottoms and some trainers, then walk out into the rain. Not the best conditions for someone with the flu, but hey, I'm not going outside for sunburn.

Five 14 year old kids are arsing about by the bus stop across the road, which also included the two kids that I spotted hurling the rubbish. I pick out the bigger of the two, and go straight at him. I stop approximately a foot away from him, glar right at him and say rather directly;
Me - "How can I help?"
Twange - "Not doing nothing mun."
Me - "Really? I'm confused with that because I just watched you and him (pointing at his mate) throwing black bags at my window. How can I fecking help?"
Twange - "Um....."
I glare at all of them in turn, then re-focus my attention back on the main twange again, who'se feeling a bit socially awkard at this point.
Me - "Do we need to sort this out?"
Twange (drops his head down a bit) - "Sorry."
Me - "Thankyou."

I turn around and walk off back indoors, my back to them. I'm dying to laugh at him but I thought I'd made him feel small enough, even though I was looking up at him during the entire conversation (for a 14 year old, he was fecking tall). I get back in the flat, and see that the group have dispersed, and we didn't see them again that night.

Once they were gone from view, I coughed up half a lung in the toilet. The flu is great.

I'm going now...I've finaly worked out how to use the washing machine. I know, I know, it's a woman's job, but it is the nineties :p

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