Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bling bling brrrrrr

Crazy frog. Or 2,000 adverts an hour on telly as I like to call him. Fecks me right off. It's not the fact that he makes that sound. I don't find that annoying at all. It's the fact that it's EVERY DAMN COMMERCIAL BREAK WE SEE THE FECKER. Nuff said.

Seen Star Wars Episode 3, and to a certain extent I did enjoy it, even with the comical Darth Vader scene at the end. There are some real cool scenes in the film, and I think Mr Lucas has done enough to salvage these films back to almost classic status. They still aint a patch on the originals though.

What else? Oh, on the Gametrailers site they have added most of the E3 videos on there. Among the best is the direct sequel to Final Fantasy 7, aptly named "Advent Children". I finished the original years ago, and I still have it on the PC as well. This really does look too good to be true for the Squaresoft fans, and I really hope Square pull this off, because what I've seen looks bloomin excellent of the highest order.

Behold! It's........

Random Link Of The Day

Insane MSPaint image - This guy apparently took 500 hours to paint this in MSPaint. Insanely talented results ahoy.

Fight For Freedom - Challenge game of cool proportions, good for free.

Project Entropia - Ok....this is an odd one. Free to register and free to play, but the catch is if you want to take the easy way to advancement you buy/invest property in the game itself. There are other routes to making actual real money there too; one kid spent $26,000 on there, and he's planning on making a fortune off it too. There's more info about this on The Entropia Forums. I've got it, and I'm finding quite interesting.

Oh, almost forgot....

Silly midget

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