Monday, August 21, 2006

Hello Mother Russia!!!!! *

*This post has nothing to do with Russia.*

What's the deal with Tourettes sufferers; are they just after attention? Can't take them anywhere without them slagging off something. Nasty if you ask me. Pete on Big Brother UK was a laff, did go on for a bit though :)

Having Alzheimers is another odd thing too; losing your memory slowly until you are completely incapacitated to anyone etc, must be awful that one. But at the same time it must be alright; you never remember the bad stuff. Plus you could own a full DVD collection of 1 dvd, which you've never seen before.

Ohhh, me nasty.

I've stuck a few more jokes on Me Bad Jokes Page if you want to be seriously put off life altogether. Was bored, soz about that.


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