Thursday, August 24, 2006

Was talking to a friend about blogs....

...and he said that the worst problem that he finds with blogs is that the main problem with blogs in general is that they tend to be people whining about themselves. Granted, if you click the "Next Blog" button you will find things people are describing about themselves. You will find a few people who are discussing others instead though. These I find tend to be the better and more interesting of the two by far. Even if they are talking about conifers. The gays.

I'd always felt that free-thinking elderly people should be rounded up and made to battle like Pokemon. Give them some weaponry, throw them in a pit and leave them to duke it out. The old feckers. It's not the elderly who actually are helpful and friendly which I find annoying, oh no. They can carry on as normal. It's the ones who fucking complain about "not having a dry ink newspaper" or "the lids never tight enough on the pepper" that makes me want to turn the kidney machine off. Does this one item not being quite 100% give you an excuse to make it into a "News At Ten" special? Does it fuck. Shut the fuck up and get back in the cupboard Grandma, this is my house.

PS Happytoast (the affiliator of The Happy Toast Site) has made his own rendition of my "Woman" art, and e-mailed it to me. Cheers bud!!!!!

Awesome work mate, thanks!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Hello Mother Russia!!!!! *

*This post has nothing to do with Russia.*

What's the deal with Tourettes sufferers; are they just after attention? Can't take them anywhere without them slagging off something. Nasty if you ask me. Pete on Big Brother UK was a laff, did go on for a bit though :)

Having Alzheimers is another odd thing too; losing your memory slowly until you are completely incapacitated to anyone etc, must be awful that one. But at the same time it must be alright; you never remember the bad stuff. Plus you could own a full DVD collection of 1 dvd, which you've never seen before.

Ohhh, me nasty.

I've stuck a few more jokes on Me Bad Jokes Page if you want to be seriously put off life altogether. Was bored, soz about that.


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